Our Story


Artists Nancy Lee and Kiran Bhumber were on seemingly disparate paths until two chance run-ins set their collaboration in motion. Nancy, a VJ, filmmaker, new media artist and event coordinator, dropped out of school in 2012 to experiment with swings as interactive art pieces in public and indoor spaces. Kiran met her in 2013 at one of the latter - an electronic music event where Nancy had installed adjacent to the dance floor eight swings intended to explore party-goers’ negotiations of social boundaries within the space. They would cross paths again in 2014 when they both happened to volunteer as production assistants at a new media festival. Their roles materialized differently than advertised and the two spent eight hours together painting tables with tiny brushes and discussing their own ideas for new media installations. Kiran, in her career as a composer, performer, programmer and music educator, had developed a predilection for using technology to create interactive sonic and visual environments for performers. Hearing Nancy’s vision of an apparatus in which the swings’ movements actually controlled the visual projections, Kiran knew instantly how she could bring it to fruition: she would code and build an interface to interpret each swing’s motion, sending signals to Nancy’s VJ software and triggering effects. Kiran's familiarity with integrating sensor technology and music unfurled radical new possibilities for the aural aspects of their now-shared ambition as well. Their first installation took place just one month later, and the momentum behind their collaborations in relational art continues to build. Drawing on contrasting yet complementary skill sets the two are able to explore human relations in a provocative context, embodied both by Nancy’s social curiosity and Kiran’s technical imagination, and created by the subtle eccentricities of bodies in motion.


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A new media collective investigating multi-modal instruments and installations.