Swing with Pendula.


As digital worlds proliferate and intrude upon physical and social spaces, agency and power become moving targets that evade traditional definition and conventional understandings. The features of Pendula explores the awareness of this growing ambiguity and invites the participation of individuals into initiating an ever-shifting environment where the polarities of subject/object, individual/collective, motion/idleness, chaos/harmony, and human/technology are transformed into spectrums of constant duality.

The participant will negotiate their own space through movements and levels of awareness of their environment. This negotiation allow participants to embody the collective movement of the entire piece as the audio-visual environment reflects the combination of how all participants bring social and spatial habits into the realm of a technologically responsive space.



An immersive and interactive audio-visual installation.


Pendula involves both hardware and software controls to process visuals and sound through the use of gestural data from each swing. Each swing contains an inertial measurement unit (IMU) which sends orientation values via Arduino board to Max/MSP. The orientation values from each swing are translated to OSC messages that are mapped out to discrete visual controls on Resolume Arena. The magnitude of swinging motions are reflected in the resulting visual effects that are generated. The combination of visual effects generated by all swings are outputted as one image that is displayed from four projectors. The movements from each swing influence the aural experience. Each individual controls the playback and manipulation of percussive and vocalized samples while collectively creating a drone in Max/MSP. Spatialization of sound between the four speakers are also determined by the movement of the swings.

Supported by VIVO Media Arts Centre, BC Arts Council and Canada Arts Council, Pendula has since been installed and performed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and New Forms Festival, as well as presented at the International Symposium for Electronic Art (Vancouver) and New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Brisbane, Australia), and the Vancouver Electro-Acoustic Music Festival.